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Snow & Ice Control
When weather forecasts indicate that icy conditions may develop or there is snow in the forecast, Zillah Public Works are mobilized to move snow and ice in the arterials, collector streets (including school zones) and steep inclined streets. Depending on the type, accumulation, and recurrence of winter storm events, the Public Works Director will determine if and when sanding spreaders and plowing equipment will be called out in accordance with the following priorities:

Priority 1 - Main arterial streets
Priority 2 - Collector streets and school zones
Priority 3 - Hilly residential streets
Priority 4 - Remaining residential

Please be Patient

The City has two (2) snowplow to clear Zillah's roads. The Public Works has six (6) employees who can operate the equipment. They work in shifts during severe events for around-the-clock snow removal operations. If snowfall or freezing rain resumes before we have gotten to your street, it probably means the crews had to start over on Priority 1 streets again. Snow removal can be a monumental task with our limited equipment, and street crews do their best around the clock to get the roads cleared. If police, fire or ambulance personnel need assistance to reach their emergency, they will let us know and we will respond immediately to their needs.

Parking on the Street

The more cars off the street, the faster and more efficient the snow can be removed. If you have a driveway, please use it.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Residential and business property owners and landlords are responsible for snow and ice control on their private property and public sidewalks fronting their property in accordance with City Ordinance (Z.M.C. Title 12.08).

Driveway Blocked

It is inevitable that driveways will be blocked during plowing operations. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but please understand that it cannot be avoided.

How to Help

Please report potholes and icy intersections by calling (509) 949-0380. If you reach voicemail, leave the information, the supervisor will be retrieving voice mail messages from their location in the field.

Snow removal is a monumental task. Public Works do their best to clear roads and respond immediately to emergency and public safety needs.  Thank you for choosing to live and/or work, in Zillah.  


You may have noticed that the recycle/donation bins are no longer by the grocery store on First Avenue.  They have been moved to the empty lot behind the Cherry Patch on Cheyne Road.  If you use the bins, please remember to put all applicable items inside the bins.  Don’t leave boxes, bags or items on the ground or outside of the bins.  If one of the bins is full, there are also bins located at the Zillah Middle School and Bleyhl Farm Service.  Thank you for your cooperation.