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Public Records Policy & Procedure 2011-01
Ordinance No. 1271
List of Exempt Records "Attachment A"
Other Laws that Define Exempt Records "Attachment B"
Records Request Form
Public Record requests can be made to the following Public Records Officer's:  
City Hall/Admin./Public Works Dept.  
Attn: City Clerk/Treasurer  
PO Box 475  
503 First Avenue  
Zillah, WA 98953  
509-829-5457 FAX  
Zillah Police Dept./Municipal Court  
Attn: Police Chief  
PO Box 388  
111 7th Street  
Zillah, WA 98953  
509-829-5605 FAX  
Fire/Building Dept.  
Attn: Fire Chief  
PO Box 388  
111 7th Street  
Zillah, WA 98953  
509-829-5605 FAX  

How Do I request a Public Record?

The City of Zillah's Public Records Policy is intended to provide for timely action and for the fullest possible assistance on requests for public records. This policy is also intended to protect the integrity of the City's records and is sensitive to responding to proper requests without adversely interfering with other essential functions of the City. Upon request, the City will make available any pubic record for inspection by the public and/or copying by the staff for the public unless the record is exempt from disclosure under chapter 42.56 RCW, chapter 10.97 RCW, chapter 13.50 RCW, attachment "B" of the City of Zillah Public Records Policy 2011-01 or other statutes.


The City is only required to disclose reasonably described records already in existence, since those are the only records that can be identified. The City is not required to generate records or analyze data in response to a request for information.


Records will be available for inspection and copying during the customary City Department's office hours which are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except legal holidays. Copies are available at a cost of .15 cents per black and white page or as otherwise set forth on the Cities fee schedule. The City may, at its discretion, require the requestor to deposit a sum in amount to exceed 10% of the estimated cost of providing copies for a request. In addition, because the City is prohibited from lending its credit, a requestor must prepay the estimated copy cost for any copies that must be made by an outside vendor.


Readily accessible copies of records that include approved minutes, agendas, ordinances and resolutions, can be reviewed at City Hall without charge. Draft minutes can be made available for review or copying once they have been transcribed and reviewed by the City Clerk/Treasurer and with the understanding that they have not been officially approved.

The City Council or other Commission or Board agenda sheets shall be available upon request and without charge usually on the Friday preceding their meeting.


Informational items for meetings of the City Council or for other Commissions or Boards will be available in City Hall for audience use, usually by the Friday before the meeting. A request for multiple copies of this information will be processed at .15 cents per page for black and white and within the constraints of the normal request for records procedure.


Based upon the findings set forth in Section 4 of Ordinance No. 1271 and pursuant to RCW 42.56.070(4), the City Council orders the following:

The City is not required to maintain an all-inclusive index of public records due to the undue burden and near-impossibility of maintaining such an index.

The City will make available for inspection and/or copying all public records, including any indexes that are maintained by the City as set forth in Section 3 of Ordinance No. 1271 , except to the extent that such records are exempt from public disclosure.


The City shall make an initial response to the request for public records within five (5) business days of receipt of the request. IN the event a request for public records is received after 5:00 p.m., the request shall be deemed to have been received on the next business day. Depending upon the nature of request, the City may respond initially by:

  • Producing the record after payment of applicable fees, if any;
  • Acknowledging in writing the City's receipt of the request accompanied by an estimated of the time necessary for further response;
  • Denying the request in writing accompanied by an explanation of the basis for the denial;
  • Acknowledging in writing that the records relating to the request are available for inspection; or copying, and that a deposit is required for copies; or
  • Requesting in writing clarification of the request.


The Public Records Act lists types of documents exempt from public inspection and copying. Other laws also prohibit disclosure of certain records.

City of Zillah will not disclose lists of individuals for commercial purposes.

If only a portion of a record is exempt from disclosure, the Public Records Officer or designee will redact the exempt portions before providing the document.


If a requestor has not reviewed or claimed records within thirty days of notice that records are available or fails to make payment, the Public Records Officer may close the request.

If requested records contain information that may affect rights of others, before providing the records, the Public Records Officer or designee may give notice and allow time for action by the other parties.

After a request has been filled, If the Public Records Officer becomes aware of additional documents existing at the time of the request, these will be provided to the requestor on an expedited basis.