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Shoreline Master Program Update

The City of Zillah is working through a Periodic Review of the Shoreline Master Program (SMP). The Shoreline Management Act requires local governments to periodically review their SMP and, if necessary, revise their master programs to:

  • Assure that the new master program complies with applicable law and guidelines in effect at the time of review; and

  • Assure consistency of the master program with the local government’s comprehensive plan and development regulations adopted under chapter 36.70A RCW, and other local requirements.

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How to Participate
Public outreach and engagement will be a critical part of this planning process. Due to the current precautions due to COVID-19, in-person community engagement opportunities will be postponed until further notice. However, there are other ways to get engaged:

Public Meetings
Public meetings (ZOOM) to accept feedback during the process will be held.  Types of public meetings may include an Open House, presentations or briefings before the Planning Commission, and the public hearing before the Planning Commission.

Comment Forms
Comment forms will be available at public meetings, City Hall, City’s SMP webpage, and YVCOG SMP webpage.

Planning Commission
Staff anticipate bringing amendments or findings of adequacy to the Zillah Planning Commission in the spring of 2021. The Commission may also receive briefings on the proposal during the process. The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the proposal before making a recommendation to City Council.

City Council
The Zillah Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the Zillah City Council on the SMP Periodic Review. The Council may hold additional public meetings/hearings, but it is not required. It is anticipated that City Council will consider the Planning Commission’s recommendation and make a decision in the spring of 2021.

Project Timeline
The City anticipates the draft SMP revisions or Findings of Adequacy will be prepared by February 2021.  The public hearing and Planning Commission deliberations would occur shortly thereafter.  The City intends to adopt revisions to the SMP or adopt Findings of Adequacy by the May 2021 prior to the deadline for completing the Periodic Review required by state statutes.

How to get Involved
To request to be added to the notification list for this proposal or for more information on how to get involved or comment, please contact either:

Ardele Steele, Zillah Planning and Community Development Director at (509) 829-5151 ext. 227 or ASteele@cityofzillah.us 

Lynn Deitrick, Planning Manager, Yakima Valley Conference of Governments at (509)574-1550 or by email at lynn.deitrick@yvcog.org,

Jeff Watson, Senior Planner Yakima Valley Conference of Governments at (509)759-7989 or Jeff.Watson@yvcog.org