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Land Use payments can only be made online once arrangements have been made with City Hall (509) 829-5151.
Administrative Site Plan Review



Annexation Petition
Appeal Application
Critical Area & Shoreline Application
Commercial Site Development Plan Application
Comp. Plan Amendment Application
Conditional Use Permit Application
Design Review Permit
JARPA 2009
Planned Development Amendment Application
Planned Development Application
Planned Development Variance
Preliminary Long Plat Application
Rezone Application
SEPA Checklist Application
SEPA EIS Application
Short Plat Application
Short Plat Exemption - Lot Line Adjustment Application
Special Use Permit 4-H - FFA Application
Special Use Permit Application
Unclassified Application
Vacation of Street or Alley Application
Wireless Facility Application
Nonconforming Application
Zoning Variance Application
Release of Utility Easement Example